Green is in. Because of the environment friendly hype, more hybrid cars are making their way to Dubai. Just recently, the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has added more hybrid vehicles in their group of luxury limousines. Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority has also added Lexus ES300H 2017 to its collection of vehicles. According to the Dubai Taxi Corporation’s Corporate Chief Executive, Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, “The Dubai Taxi Corporation is making every effort to generate innovative ideas and utilize the latest technologies to leverage the operational efficiency of its taxicabs, and conserve energy and environment.”

Back in 2008, the corporation facilitated the test run of ten hybrid vehicles. This resulted in a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions by 34%. It also cut down the consumption of fuel by 27% for every vehicle. The Chief Executive also said that DTC already has 385 hybrid vehicles. This effort is part of the Supreme Council of Energy’s strategy to decrease the city’s carbon emissions by 2%. It also conforms to the transition toward a green economy and supports the Dubai RTA’s goal, which is “Environmental Safety and Sustainability.”

The five-year plan of DTC aims to convert 50% or 5,000 vehicles of its registered vehicles into hybrid vehicles by 2021.  The Corporation will approve the plans and initiatives that can reduce energy fossil fuel consumption by using solar power and therefore, ensure a sustainable environment. DTC also aims to use treated carwash water in their automated carwash stations.

Hybrid vehicles may have certain limitations, but their benefits outweigh their setbacks. As you know, hybrid vehicles use other forms of energy and carbon fuel.  One such hybrid vehicle is Toyota Prius. Saif Al Mannaei, a local trader in Dubai, recently bought a Toyota Prius in Japan. He said that there was no difference to him at all in terms of operating the hybrid vehicle. Yet, in terms of cost effectiveness, the Prius helped him save money because it is highly fuel efficient. Hybrid vehicles are known to be two times more energy efficient than regular vehicles. They are all equipped with fuel efficiency indicators, so ultimately, Prius promotes a safer and more efficient driving.

Al Mannaei also said that when people buy hybrid vehicles, the aim is to help the environment and not to drive fast. Driving becomes more efficient, which is a safer way of driving.

Hybrid owners ultimately feel better whenever they get into their vehicles because the know that having a hybrid is easier on their wallets. It is never easy when oil prices in UAE fluctuate all the time. With hybrids, you work, play, and go home without shelling out a lot on fuel.

As an answer to the growing number of hybrid vehicles in Dubai, the DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) has established electric car and hybrid car charging stations all over Dubai. A medium public charger and a wall box charger can charge your hybrid vehicle for two to four hours. A fast charger can charge your vehicle for 20 to 40 minutes. There are 51 charging stations, presently operational. They are all installed in homes and public places, including airports, the Dubai municipality, parking areas, and RTA buildings.

Hybrid vehicles may not look as cool as regular cars, but riding it helps your health and the health of the environment.