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Michelle Just Emerged From Nowhere With Horrific New Look – That Wasn’t All She Was Hiding



Michelle Obama has been laying strangely low for at least a couple of months, which has been nice for those who had enough of seeing her after eight solid years. It was only a matter of time before she resurfaced since the attention-loving former First Lady can only be away from the spotlight for so long before the fear of being forgotten sets in.

While she was in her self-imposed “hiding” she was apparently keeping herself busy with what she planned to do upon making her big debut. She’s been finishing out her multi-million dollar memoir, in which she claims is the tell-all of her time in the White House, her marriage, motherhood, and life after. It’s highly doubtful she’s revealing any personal secrets people might actually care about, but wants you to believe all that and more is in the book so you buy it…and she’ll make more money.

However, her book wasn’t all she’s debuting, she’s got a strange new look to go with it. Her shocking new appearance was what got all the attention as she stepped out this week, leading to everyone with a camera quickly snapping pictures. People’s general feelings for Michelle are wildly different, just as her book reviews will undoubtedly be, and her appearance reactions were this week.

Michelle stepped out in New York City on February 28 to promote herself and perhaps her book too.

Pop Sugar didn’t hold back their praise for her appearance that borderlined as a strange, cringeworthy girl-crush:

Michelle Obama looks amazing in blue, and that’s a fact. She stopped by the Kick Health Event in NYC on Feb. 28 and spoke on stage while wearing a denim button-down with black slacks and shoes. The top wasn’t your average business-professional shirt, though. It featured oversize pocket details and a raw, frayed hemline, which gave the piece an edgy feel. Michelle then added her own stylish touch with a belt fastened by a silver ring.

As you know, blue is a power-woman color. Kate Middleton wears it all the time, and it also suits Michelle’s personality perfectly. (Just in case you didn’t know, she wrote a new memoir called Becoming, out November.) The former first lady has stayed busy with vacations and public appearances, which we simply can’t get enough of. Read on to see Michelle’s latest ensemble, then shop similar shirts.

As long as the left is praising blue tops as exuding the of the “power-woman” from within of the person wearing it, perhaps they missed these bold and powerful looks Melania donned in this specific color:

What’s most impressive, is that while Michelle had an entire tax-paid team of people dressing and prepping her, Melania does not and still comes out looking exceptionally classier and well-dressed than her predecessor. Her decisions to dress herself, was her own choice to not waste hardworking Americans’ money on something so frivolous. Additionally, liberal designers refused to participate in her styling, which seems to be a benefit for the beauty, especially by comparison to what Michelle wore while in the White House.

It’s rather grotesque to compare this woman to royalty assimilating her in that class people who espouse and elegance that Michelle will never know, all for the fact that she wore a primary color. It’s actually an insult to the beauty and person that Princess Kate Middleton is to assimilate her to Michelle, but I digress.

While we don’t expect everyone to have the same taste in people, fashion, or anything else, the reactions to what Michelle wore were grossly over the top, as to prove something to her detractors. This strange response to a rather average blue top begs the question of how come her look is so well received when whatever our current, exceptionally classy and fashionable first lady, Melania Trump, steps out in anything, she’s raked over the coals for it.

In Melania’s case, it even goes beyond criticism of her look someone might (pretend) to not like, and crosses over into personal accusations and character attacks. It sure seems like an obvious case of Jr. High jealousy of picking on the pretty girl to make you or your friend feel better. However, at this level, it’s for political gain, divisiveness, and is to an intent to create animosity toward our administration and their spouses.

If fashion bloggers were really intent on keeping to their content type, then they would praise Melania’s style in their writing if looking at the best dressed first ladies. Same with designers who see a muse in Michelle for their wares, but want nothing to do with Melania. There’s no comparison and proves that if you really want quality fashion advice, it’s best to side with Melania than Michelle and/or anyone responsible for her look.


After Hillary Humiliates Herself In India, Melania Got Silent Revenge With What She Did

She totally pulled it off…



First Lady Melania Trump, a former model, can make any outfit look like a million bucks. Every time we see her at a public event, she looks great. Let’s face it, it’s not the clothes who make the woman, it’s the woman herself and how she wears whatever she has on what makes her shine like a star or fizzle like a cheap lighter in the wind.

Now as far as comparing Melania to the former first lady and 2016 Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, it’s not clear where to start. She spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on her wardrobe which is criticized by many people. She once gave a speech about equality while wearing a shirt that was rumored to cost around $14,000. Many questions were asked about where the money came from to pay for the garment that critics often referred to as a designer “potato sack.” Was Clinton using taxpayer money to fund her wardrobe?

Melania Trump may have seen the news about how Hillary Clinton was falling down steps, injuring her wrist, and needing a trip to the hospital in India. Meanwhile, she kept her cool and proved that she’s a very classy First Lady and she’s always dressed to impress.

This just goes to show you class or style can’t be bought. Even though many of the items that Melania wears might also be expensive, she’s able to use her own money to buy the outfits and they are usually never as expensive as whatever Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton are wearing. She manages to look like a princess while Trump’s competition takes a tumble.

Melania Trump took a page out of Hillary Clinton’s book and wore a pantsuit like no other. She totally pulled it off very well.

The Columbian reported more on the unofficial style competition between First Ladies: “PARIS — Slovenian-born Melania Trump has been unafraid to go against her husband’s “America First” agenda and stay true to her roots, if there’s a message to be taken from her bold, foreign-flavored wardrobe in 2017.

In the last year, Mrs. Trump has worn the clothes of her home continent as several American designers publicly refused to dress her in what was a fashion industry-wide backlash against her unpopular spouse.

The first lady to be born in continental Europe, Trump grew up in Sevnica in Slovenia, in the southern Balkans, just over 60 miles from the Italian border. Her first real taste for fashion came while living in Paris as a young model in the mid-1990s, years before she got U.S. citizenship in 2006.

From designs by Dolce & Gabbana, Del Pozo, Christian Dior, Emilio Pucci, Givenchy and Valentino to daringly high Christian Louboutin heels, the 47-year-old first lady’s touchstones have not only been the Old World, but its most established — and expensive — design houses.

As the wife of a billionaire, Mrs. Trump can afford to spend into the five figures for a garment and seems unconcerned about how that squares with President Donald Trump’s political base.

Since becoming first lady, Mrs. Trump has chosen Herve Pierre, a French-born immigrant, as her fashion adviser. Politics be damned: He’s helped her hone looks that emphasize the sleeve, eye-popping colors and big sunglasses, and show off her svelte, 5-foot-11 frame and thick, dark hair.

“In the news, we speak a lot of politics, so if for a moment we can forget about it and enjoy something else, why not?” Pierre told AP.

Mrs. Trump’s old-school, dressed-to-the-nines glamour and full fabrics evoke distance not only in how far the clothes have had to travel, but in perceptions that the first lady, who only moved to the White House in June and rarely speaks publicly, is reserved in her persona.

Not since Jackie Kennedy has a U.S. first lady had such a European aesthetic as Mrs. Trump.

Although she wore Ralph Lauren to the inauguration and has also shown a penchant for U.S. brands such as Michael Kors and Calvin Klein, many of her looks have been foreign designed and assembled.

It’s a striking contrast with Michelle Obama — who famously used her first lady wardrobe as a way of championing often young American designers, and with Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton, who stuck closely to U.S. fashion brands.

Most of Mrs. Trump’s clothes are bought off-the-rack from a retailer without the design house’s knowledge that the garment is destined for the first lady.

This is highly unusual — and contrasts with Mrs. Obama’s frequent collaborations with designers.

Perhaps it’s not Mrs. Trump’s choice, given her husband’s unpopularity.

People from 17 fashion brands that Mrs. Trump wears declined to comment on the first lady when contacted by AP, even though she is among the world’s most photographed women.

It’s a deafening silence, especially given that it’s an industry Mrs. Trump actually worked in.

Walking the path of both foreign and highly priced glamour presents its share of risks for any first lady. (Mrs. Kennedy was criticized for wearing Parisian stalwart Chanel.)

But in an “America First” administration, Mrs. Trump is particularly vulnerable to criticism as her husband assails immigration and plays to blue-collar supporters.

While the fashion press gushed over a brightly colored, floral D&G silk coat Mrs. Trump wore in Sicily in May, political commentators didn’t have such a rosy view of the garment’s over-$50,000 price tag.

It cost, they pointed out, more than the average annual U.S. household income. Mrs. Trump was criticized for a Marie Antoinette-style wardrobe as the president’s ill-fated attempt to repeal “Obamacare” was being considered, an effort that might have stripped millions of people of insurance.

If there’s a message in Mrs. Trump’s fashion — it’s that she dresses to look good, in keeping with the expensive personal taste she’s acquired since marrying Trump in 2005.

“She does not concern herself with what others think about her fashion and always stays true to herself,” Stephanie Grisham, a spokeswoman for the first lady, told AP. “Mrs. Trump wears what she likes, and what is appropriate for the occasion.”

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Markle’s Royal Marital Plans DECIMATED After What Sickening Pics Just Caught Her Doing

Exposed in a very personal way…



According to celebrities worldwide, being in the public eye can be a tough job. It’s especially difficult if a person has pitted themselves against other powerful people, as soon to be princess Meghan Markle has done with President Trump. The American actress has broken the normal British royal code and made her political feelings clear. Not about British politics though, she has opinions on the American political landscape. Like many to come out of California today, she’s avidly anti-Trump and has made her feminist progressive feelings known to many a news outlet.

What Markle might not have counted on is the size of the target on her back. America hasn’t had it’s very own princess in a very long time, and it’s turning heads. Because of her Hollywood career, there is a lot of information and press about Markle out there. As it turns out, not all of it is tasteful.

Style Caster reports that the soon-to-be-princess is now caught in the middle of a classic photo scandal and that Buckham Palace isn’t excited about it. The royal family is denying the validity of these images, however, that’s not slowing down the negative attention on the newest royal recruit:

“Meghan Markle might live with around-the-clock gates and iron-clad gates, but even she can’t be protected from predators who violate her privacy and leak her personal photos. We are sad to announce that the 37-year-old is the latest victim of a nude photo hack after topless pictures of her appeared on Celeb Jihad, a website known for leaking private and often sexual celebrity content.

Late Wednesday night, the website posted four photos which appeared to show Markle half-naked. Celeb Jihad claimed that the pictures were a ‘preview’ of the many nude photos that the website has of Markle. The website threatened to release the rest of the photos unless the United Kingdom and Kensington Palace met their demands, including the abdication of Queen Elizabeth II.

Shortly after the photos hit the internet, Kensington Palace issued a statement to The Blast denying the authenticity of the photos. “These are fake photographs,” a representative said, adding no further comment.

Whether the photos are real or fake, this an extreme violation of Markle’s privacy. If the photos were real, they were private and she did not give her consent for them to be published on the internet. Markle is far from the first celebrity to have her alleged nude photos leak on the internet. Stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Sia, and Demi Lovato have faced similar situations. If Kensington Palace says that they’re fake, then they’re fake. But regardless, one thing is clear: Celebrity nude photos are not for public consumption.

According to Radar Online, this was not an accidental find or unintentional leak. Apparently, this is what happens to people when they state their intention to enter the royal family. In fact, they even report that Markle has been the subject of a huge number of searches on a popular porn website:

“Hot on the heels of their engagement announcement, users started digging into the deepest corners of the Internet in the hopes to see Meghan Markle in lingerie and underwear, find out if she has ever suffered wardrobe malfunctions, uncover steamy scenes from her movies and TV series… and all that X-rated stuff, of course.

As a matter of fact, PornHub reported a tremendous spike in searches for Markle on its porn video sharing website after it was announced that the actress engaged to Prince Harry. The news got people so excited that there was a staggering 2,208 percent increase in searches for Meghan Markle’s porn.
But Markle doesn’t even need to go that far to give you goosebumps—there are plenty of skin-baring snaps and steamy scenes of the American actress floating around on the Internet.
After marrying Prince Harry, Markle will likely never show too much skin again which is why you have to milk the existing sexy photos of Markle for all they’re worth.”

While it’s clear that photos like these shouldn’t circulate, especially without the permission of the subject, it’s also difficult for conservatives to have compassion on the actress who has been so vocal about her own attacks on the President of the country where she still holds her citizenship.

Markle will in all probability give up her United States citizenship for the sake of her new life with the Royal Family in England. However, for now, she’s still an American, and traveling the world saying less than flattering things about America isn’t something that is loved by all.

Markle has a once in a lifetime chance to represent the United States in a very unclose and personal way to the British Monarchy. Many had hoped that she would do us proud, but she’s not off to a stellar start.

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Immediately After Damon Denounced America And Leaves Because Of Trump It Backfires BIG!



Actor Matt Damon was one of the many celebrities who promised to renounce their U.S. citizenship and leave the country should Donald Trump become our president. It’s now been a year with him in the White House and not a single star who said they would leave has done so. However, with no signs of Trump leaving his post anytime before the end of his first term and perhaps even his second, Damon has finally decided it’s time to leave the United States for a place he thought would be better. The anti-Trump actor packed up his life, his family, and his wife and announced they’re out of here since Trump hasn’t gone anywhere, which quickly blew up in his face.

It seems that the gun control debate was the final straw for Damon. Let’s also remember that Damon is notoriously for abolishing the Second Amendment despite making millions off his role as an assassin in the Jason Bourne movies which had more gun activity than almost any other film of our time. Evidently, guns are only good for making millions and not for Americans to protect themselves against criminal villains who Bourne fought off in his films with a massive cache of firearms.

We’re happy to see that Damon decided to be honest about his threat to leave the country. He announced he’s going down under to the land of Australia where the ultra-rich celebrity can feel free from the oppressed life he thought he had here. It’s one down and several hundred to go who may have followed his lead had it not backfired in his smug face. Darn.

The 47-year-old actor found a safe space in Australia next door to other liberal actors with pisspoor attitudes about our president. They can all commiserate together and have nightly kumbayas with the kangaroos. Page Six reported that Damon’s newly purchased property is in Byron Bay, New South Wales, and happens to be down the street from a place owned by Miley Cyrus’ man Chris Hemsworth. Damon and Hemsworth are ‘bros’ after having recently appeared in “Thor: Ragnarok” together. We can only hope George Clooney is next in the neighborhood along with many others that would make America great again by them not living here.

When Damon came out with his plans to hightail it out of here, the activist actor told all of his friends and colleagues in Hollywood that it was because he completely disagrees with Trump’s politics. He acts like the president’s decisions have somehow had a negative impact on his life. All that extra money he now saves on taxes must be really difficult to deal with along with the fact that his fans have a little extra cash now in their pockets to afford seeing his movies.

Damon also made it clear that his move will have no impact on his work, so no need to worry. He’ll still travel to America or anywhere else he called to, in order to make his movies and money off the citizens here in our country. So much double standard, such little time. However, people seem to see that and are showing that Damon can’t have it both ways, which is why he’s feeling the burn of the backfire right about now.

Speaking from his pretentious perch about safety, the lack of it in America, and that his four kids deserve a better upbringing that can’t happen here, went over with his fans like a lead balloon. This elitist is in no place to preach about no feeling safe when as drones on about this he and his family are currently protected by armed individuals afforded to them by box office hits featuring a lot of firearms, shooting, and killing people. Recognizing all of this irony, fans and fellow Americans didn’t give Damon the positive affirmation of his decision he had hoped for.

He could have quietly moved and started his new life in Australia without anyone realizing he wasn’t here anymore or caring that he left. He only made a public announcement like this for attention and as form of protest and activism. People are over it and his over-inflated ego on the matter.

Americans are not disillusioned anymore by celebrities who feel that whatever they say is the gospel and just blindly believe it. Anyone can look around and realize things actually are better with Trump in office who kept his campaign promises and made major improvements that all are benefitting from. Whether they admit it or not, they recognize it and this tired argument from celebrities coming out against him is only a desperate public relations move for attention and to make themselves relevant again.

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