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Trump Has A VERY Special Secret Guest That He Plans To Bring To North Korea

President Donald Trump didn’t have to do much to irritate almost every liberal on the planet.



President Donald Trump didn’t have to do much to irritate almost every liberal on the planet. This time Trump triggered people, and it was by no fault of his own, but rather that of someone else who made an alarming comment that caught everyone off-guard and got people listening and on their toes watching to see what happens next. Most people would laugh at the thought of this happening, but those are people who forget about the deep-rooted history that this possible guest has with Kim Jong-un.

It was none other than former NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman who made a statement to USA TODAY Sports that exclaimed his excitement for what President Trump is doing. Rodman said nothing but good stuff about Trump and the upcoming meeting with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un. This should be no shock to anyone due to Rodman’s previous visits with the controversial leader who is often referred to as a dictator. So far, it appears as though no United States President has ever met face to face with North Korean leadership. This could be another first in history if Trump and Jong-un meet in person to discuss eliminating the need for nuclear weapons and putting an end to their country vs. country issues that stemmed from political reasons and leaders of the past.

While many people cringe at the fact of an overtly tall cross-dressing makeup wearing creepazoid like Rodman being involved, many people need to remember that Rodman already has a respectful relationship with Jong-un and could act as a buffer between the two leaders and ease the tension that might exist. The NBA champion might look funny, but he’s got the swagger like Mick Jagger, and Kim Jong-un is nothing less than a fan. It may seem strange to see Trump, Jong-un, and Dennis Rodman on the same stage, but like Bill Maher said when he trashed liberals – “it just might work”

If this removes the tension on Twitter and eliminates the nuke button measuring contest, then it’s worth trying.

David Jackson, Gregory Korte, and Jane Onyanga-Omara of USA TODAY reported more: “Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is praising President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s decision to meet in the coming months.

“Big respect to President Trump and Marshal Kim Jong Un for their historic meeting coming up,” Rodman said in a statement issued to USA TODAY Sports on Friday through his agent, Darren Prince. “I said it back in 2014 on CNN that the door will open eventually.”

When asked whether he would have interest in accompanying Trump on the trip, Rodman told USA TODAY Sports, again through his agent, that he would “love to” if he is asked.

A 14-year NBA veteran and five-time champion, Rodman has made headlines in recent years for his controversial friendship with Kim, whom he first met in 2013. The 56-year-old has made several trips to North Korea in the years since and, as recently as December, had urged Trump to let him travel to North Korea as a peace envoy.

“I’ve been trying to tell Donald since day one: ‘Come talk to me, man,'” Rodman told The Guardian. “I’ll tell you what the Marshal wants more than anything.”

South Korean national security adviser Chung Eui-yong told reporters in front of the White House on Thursday that Kim has claimed he is “committed to denuclearization” and would be willing to meet with Trump. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders subsequently said Trump would accept the invitation and meet the North Korean leader “at a place and time to be determined.”

The meeting, if it occurs, would be the first face-to-face meeting between a U.S. president and North Korean leader.

In addition to his relationship with Kim, Rodman also has something of a history with Trump, appearing on his Celebrity Apprentice television show in 2009 and 2013. He previously told Agence France-Presse, an international news service, that Trump and Kim “are pretty much the same people.”

Liberals cringe at everything President Trump does because liberal and Democrats have become an intolerant party that bases their beliefs on what Bill Maher referred to as “tribalism” in which it’s one way or the other. There’s plenty of Americans who rest their hopes in the central point of politics, and those people can see the best ideas from both sides without turning it into a partisan game.

President Donald Trump could have taken Hillary Clinton to meet Kim Jong-un and liberals would still be mad about it. They would call her the President, even though she’s not, and won’t ever be. She’s better off trash talking American women in India. Don’t forget, there’s a video of Hillary Clinton falling down steps a few times, and that’s what her lasting impression will be since she thinks it’s acceptable to talk down to hard-working American women.

The most important part of every election, no matter how big or small it may seem, is to get to the voting booth and make your voice be heard.

It’s OK if Dennis Rodman goes with Trump to meet Kim Jong-un. They’ll need an icebreaker anyway, and Rodman will surely provide that.





For eight years, Democrats have gotten away with an incredible amount of debauchery, feeling as is they were above the law since Barack Obama allowed it. It’s the end of that era with President Donald Trump in charge, who has come in and cleaned house and shaped the place up. However, every now and then a rat sneaks in and tries wreak havoc on our administration. This is part of what just happened but was made worse by what this particularly rotten Democrat did to one of Trump’s female officials.

Capitol Police urgently arrested him on the spot and hauled him away from the White House in handcuffs. Not only was the public arrest humiliating, but so was what he did to earn it. It’s safe to say he probably won’t be showing his face around the White House anytime soon, if ever again, considering that even if he tries, there’s no way Trump will allow it.

It’s no easy task to get through all the red tape and security clearance required to work within such close proximity to the president, especially one who is the most controversial Commanders-in-Chief our country has ever had. He walks around every second of every day with a target on his back from lunatic leftists, which leaves one to wonder how this physically violent Democrat operative was ever allowed on the property in the first place.

The Interior Department appeared before the House Committee on Natural Resources to discuss the department’s 2019 budget this week. A female Trump administration official was present for the budget hearing, whose name was not released, as well as another unnamed individual who had only identified himself as a reporter for American Bridge. While many assumed the reporter was there to collect information regarding the meeting to report on later, it turned out that he had a much more sinister and dangerous motive in mind.

As soon as Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke had finished his testimony on the budget before the committee, the American Bridge reporter charged toward him to attack, violently pushing the female Trump official out of the way and down to the ground to get to Zinke, according to what the Daily Caller learned of the details of what happened.

The physical assault victim is on the communications team for the department who was apparently in the deranged Democrat staffer’s way of doing what he was really there to do. The communications director for the department was also shaken by the terrifying burst of sudden rage, telling Politico that she was “greatly alarmed and extremely irate that a female senior member of my DOI Communications team was physically assaulted today by a Democrat staffer from the PAC American Bridge.”

What makes this assault more salacious is that American Bridge is a George Soros-funded outlet, founded by the billionaire globalist’s good friend and apparent business partner, David Brock.The Center for Responsive Politics reports that Soros dumped $2 million into this PAC to keep it operating back in 2016 and clearly has a vested interest in it to push his agenda. Afterall, American Bridge’s mission is to hold Republicans accountable, according to the group’s tagline. Now, the out of control, violent, unnamed reporter is being held accountable for his action.s

Capitol Police took the deranged Democrat operative into custody on Thursday and transported him to the Capitol Police department’s headquarters where he was held for processing, according to Politico’s report on the incident. Having proven himself as a violent threat, he shouldn’t be allowed in any major government buildings on Capitol Hill. This attack is proof that unhinged leftists are completely incapable of civilly discussing differences without resorting to desperate violent measures. If “holding Republicans accountable” means that they can and will do so by any means necessary, then any person belonging to the American Bridge PAC should be banned from involvement in civil discourse.

This is now the third Democrat that Capitol Police have had to arrest in the last couple months. On two other unrelated occasions, Democrat lawmakers were arrested outside the capitol for their individual immigration protests getting out of control and inciting violence. There is a trend among the left and it’s that they are unhinged, desperate for control, and dangerous.

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BREAKING: BIG Dem Just Found Dead In Washington, D.C. – NOBODY Saw It Coming



When many politicians got involved in a career on Capitol Hill they probably didn’t think that it was a job that should come with hazard pay. The political game is more vicious than ever from the left now that we have a non-career politician as a president who has been draining the swamp since day one in office. President Donald Trump makes no apologies for exposing the corruption in Washington, D.C. and making America better for it. However, that’s causing the entire establishment to panic, which often has devolved into desperate measures which there’s been no shortage of in the past 14 months.

There have been a lot of sudden and strange deaths reported among people involved in politics recently. While some have mysteriously slipped out of the mainstream news media coverage, others have not. The long fight on Capitol Hill that high ranking Congresswoman Louise Slaughter was most known for has now come to an end with her sudden death. What led to her passing is rather ironic considering what else happened the very same day she died.

Regardless of political affiliation or opinion, it’s tragic when anyone passes away and that’s no different for Slaughter, even though she had a progressive mission as a Congresswoman. This news is especially devastating for Democrats and certain notable liberals who relied on her to help execute their agenda, which she fought long and hard for during her career. Slaughter fell short of her goal which had already been compromised under President Trump who didn’t support what she stood for.

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, 88

The Democrat & Chronicle reported on her shocking passing: On Capitol Hill, she was known as an energetic leader of the Democratic Party and a passionate champion for progressive issues. In Rochester, most of her constituents knew her simply as Louise.

Rep. Louise Slaughter, a Democrat who represented the Rochester area in Congress since 1987, died Friday morning in a Washington, D.C., hospital. She was 88.

The report also noted that Slaughter had suffered a fall in her Washington residence last week, causing injuries which ultimately led to her death just a few days later. The Congresswoman died the same day that Hillary Clinton had a second fall within a week while in India that required a hospital stay. While Hillary just fractured her wrist in her second fall in which she tumbled into the bathtub in her hotel room, Slaughter tragically couldn’t recover from her injuries. Perhaps this is the same path that Hillary is on which could be the cause of her ultimate demise.

What’s important to note is that Slaughter was admired by people on both sides of the aisle for her ability to be respectful to her opponents despite their difference in opinions. This is what’s missing from most younger liberal politicians who resort to name calling and even violence to get their way or their point across. Slaughter was an example that politics doesn’t have to ruin a person.

Speaking favorably of his opponent in her passing for the incredibly respectable representative she was, Republican Mark Assini, a Gates Town Supervisor who had challenged Slaughter in two elections, said her Southern drawl was disarming.

“People were surprised at the genuine affection we had for one another and the respect and the politeness,” Assini said. “Losing to her was no shame. She was beloved. She was beloved for a reason. It wasn’t because she was a good politician. She was a good person. … She cared about people and she was pretty candid about things.”

As a Kentucky native, it was Slaughter’s sweet southern accent that she was most known for, having never lost it even years after moving from her home state. She reportedly used it to charm constituents and colleagues alike with a folksy manner, rather than a negative approach of attack that we see so often now from other Democrats on Capitol Hill.

Democrat & Chronicle continued: Flags at the U.S. Capitol building were lowered to half-staff Friday morning, and condolences poured in from nearly every major American political figure.

“Louise was a giant in the people’s House,” said Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI). “She was unrelenting in fighting for her ideas and the people back home in Western New York. But really the thing that I keep coming back to is that she was tough but unfailingly gracious.”

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-NY, called her “a giant.”

“She had deep convictions — on both issues important to the people of Rochester, and for the integrity and honesty of the political system,” Schumer said. “The ferocity of her advocacy was matched only by the depth of her compassion and humanity. Her passing will leave a gaping hole in our hearts and our nation.”

Despite her progressive political mission on Capitol Hill, her approach to fighting for what was important to her is something that all liberals in Congress can and should learn from. She will certainly be missed as will her southern drawl that captivated the hearts of all in Congress.

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Trump Bulldozing US Gov’t Officials Who Admitted To Poisoning Our Military As THOUSANDS Are Dying



Water is essential to life and as Americans, we expect that what we’re drinking is safe. While that’s the case everywhere around the country, it was not true for our Marine heroes and their families living on base in North Carolina while serving our country. For years, the victims had no clue that the water they were consuming and using on a daily basis was killing them, and now it’s too late. The government has admitted their part in poisoning thousands of America’s finest and their families for years, many of whom have died before justice could be served.

The devastation of those affected is far sweeping and extends beyond having been poisoned. Many rely on the Veterans Affairs for treatment for this horrible illness and aren’t getting it. Approximately 900,000 Marine Corps veterans have been poisoned by contaminated water at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. These victims’ only hope is in President Donald Trump to be the first president to do something about it and a VA whistleblower is now being the one to pursue the president in getting the deathly ill veterans the help they deserve.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports of what these victims were contaminated with for years while the issue in the water was ignored:

The North Carolina base’s drinking water contained toxic chemicals from the 1950s to the 1980s. Hundreds of thousands of people — Marines and their family members — were exposed to the water. The Lejeune Community Assistance Panel, administered out of the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention offices, was created 13 years ago to share information and give those poisoned, many who are sick, a forum to be heard.

An AJC article on Sunday highlighted complaints about recent efforts designed to help those suffering. Veterans and their families say programs administered through the Department of Veterans Affairs are failing to properly notify those affected and leaving family members behind.

Just as the contaminated water issue went unaddressed for decades, so have victims’ access to healthcare and disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Those who served at Camp Lejeune from 1953 to 1987 who had been poisoned, have already died waiting for a response and care. However, a suspected 500,000 more affected veterans are still living but believed to have a much higher mortality rate than the general population. Playing a critical part in the death rate is the lack of care they are getting and responds to requests for help and answers from the defunct VA system which has been mismanaged, overwhelmed, and understaffed for years.

According to the Washington Examiner:

The majority of deceased or living Camp Lejeune veterans and their family members have not received any compensation for the health effects from being exposed to contaminants at Camp Lejeune or for the loss of their children who were miscarried as a result of the toxic water on the base.

Less than 20 percent of family member insurance claims have been approved by VA. The agency has only approved 463 of the 2,519 family member claims filed between 2014 and 2017.

VA’s decision not to compensate Camp Lejeune Veterans for all of the 15 known health effects related to Camp Lejeune is in direct opposition to the findings stated in departmental guidance.

Currently, veterans who suffer from critical illnesses like neurobehavioral effects, miscarriages and infertility, and renal toxicity receive no presumptive disability compensation. There is no reason that Camp Lejeune veterans do not receive the same type of disability compensation as veterans exposed to Agent Orange.

It’s sad and unacceptable that prisoners in our country get better medical care while serving their sentence than our heroes who defended and served our nation. They are being forgotten and ignored after suffering horrific poisoning they should have never been subjected to on an American military base of all places.

Washington Examiner reported the whistleblowers call to action:

“I strongly encourage the Trump administration to move forward with administrative and legislative reforms to improve veteran access to healthcare and disability benefits. The White House should resist bending to the will of disloyal false prophets who seek to undermine the presidency by exploiting veterans concerns about privatization as means of maintaining job security.”

“The president would find that the veteran community (21+ million strong) will support his administration, if the White House engages them directly and conveys a clear cohesive message about its long-term goals for preserving the VA while expanding access to care for veterans who can’t be serviced by a VA medical facility in a timely manner.”

Something can and should be done about this to save or at least extend the lives of hundreds of thousands affected veterans who need someone to rely on.

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