What are the features of tumors in kidneys?

Tumors in Kidney:

There are two types of tumors which mostly occur in kidneys.

  • Benign kidney tumor.
  • Malignant kidney tumor.

These tumors cannot be treated with traditional surgeries; they would only treat with modern technologies and drugs. These tumors must be treated under regular checkups. Mostly ultrasound is done for the diagnosis of tumors in kidney. On the other hand there are some clear symptoms which can be helpful in the diagnosis of tumors such as severe abdominal pain, Blood in urine and severe pain or discontinuation during urination. Laser treatment for the removal of tumor is used in the treatment of tumors but there are also many techniques by which tumors can be treated. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are also used for the treatment of kidney tumors. If a UAE resident is suffering from kidney tumor so in this case he has to visit a best and good urologist in Dubai.

Bladder Tumor:

The cases of bladder tumor are increasing day by day almost every kidney patient is somehow suffering with bladder tumor. This disease is mostly common in men as compare to women. A research has shown that 8 out of 10 bladder tumor patients are men. And this disease usually occurs in middle age men and women. The inside view of bladder by cytoscopy is helpful in the diagnosis of bladder tumor. Ultrasound and Ct scan techniques are also used in the diagnosis of bladder tumor. Transurethral bladder, Partial cystectomy, Radical cystectomy are the modern techniques to treat bladder tumor. Different urologic diseases including iui cost in Dubai is very cheap as compare to other countries of world

Bladder cancer:

It is the mature form of malignant tumor it develops in the urinary tract of bladder. This disease occurs in men and women of any age. This is a chronic disease which can also cause serious consequences like kidney failure etc. The blood at the time of urination is the main symptom of bladder cancer. At first the blood in the urine is in a small quantity but after some time blood clots occur in the urine. Pus in the blood and severe abdominal pain are also some symptoms.  Surgical remover of tumor is a best way to treat tumor.

Kidney cancer:

The malignant tumor that occurs in the proximal tubules of kidneys is called as kidney tumor. This disease is becoming common day by day. The detection of this disease is mostly done by ultrasound. Pain in abdomen, swelling in abdomen, anemia are the major symptoms of this disease. This disease can also diagnosed by CT scan, MRI, Urine analysis and Kidney biopsy etc. Radical nephrectomy, Partial nephrectomy, Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy are the modern techniques to treat kidney cancer.