Know Your Rights: Why Medical Insurance Is Required for UAE Employees

Ever since UAE implemented stricter policies on employee health care, many UAE-based companies complied and enroll their employees to a better medical insurance provider. What started a mere compliance to a stricter rule became an advantage especially to employers who find their labor force more solid.

Many HR professional find that the retention rate increase and employee efficiency rate also increased.In a study conducted by Metlife in 2016, about 53% Emirati employees opt to stay with their current employers due to improved health coverage.

With this improvement, a lot of UAE employers find this more of an advantage than a compliance. And resident-employees who are looking to top up their medical insurance also increased by 73%. And the benefits are numerous, especially for the employees. Read on if you want to know more:

  1. Employee protection


This specially applies to employees who are working on a high-risk environment or doing risky work in the field. As much as employers want to avoid accidents, it is unavoidable and can strike anytime. With a solid medical insurance, employees are protected in case these unfortunate instances happened.


  1. Better access to medical treatment and facilities


Hospitalization and top-notch health care facilities can be expensive, especially for common employees. Before the mandatory health policy was implemented, employees have hesitation seeking treatment because of the cost.  But with a rigid health policy and medical insurance, UAE employees need not to worry on seeking treatment for their illnesses, even if it is a pre-existing condition. Health insurance provides adequate funding for patients with insurance to ensure that they get the right treatment on state-of-the-art medical facilities.


  1. Coverage for dependents


There are UAE companies who provide insurance not only to their employees but also to their dependents (spouse, children, etc.). With dependents getting the same health coverage as the employees, workers need not to worry about the medical expenses that will be incurred in case their loved ones are admitted to the hospital for treatment. But take note that not all employers are required to include the employee’s dependents on the policy, though some companies are generous enough to offer this to their workers.


  1. Better Maternity Health Benefits


Expectant working moms can enjoy better health benefits all thanks to maternity health coverage included on their insurance. For instance, in Dubai, all maternity services are covered plus a 10 percent excess. This could also include outpatient visits, treatment for both normal and C-section delivery. And newborns are covered for 30 days under the mother’s health insurance.


  1. Extended coverage on treatment


The basic coverage of most employee health insurance includes outpatient consultancy and treatment, referrals, maternity benefits, emergency visits and treatment, and surgeries. With this coverage, employees are sure to get the medical attention that they need.