Trademark features to look for in a cutting edge parking system

Automated parking management systems are the future of parking. Sooner or later, these systems will become more common. In essence, smart parking Dubai systems are meeting demands of modern professional management and innovative and parking. In this automated system, we can provide a parking system for both ground level parking and a multi-story car park with multiple features. Common features that are found:

– Access to the area

– Flow control vehicle

– manual and automatic payments

– You can give your account and the state administration authorities

– 24×7 access control with license plate recognition

– automatic doors and retractable operation post

– Time Control

– management of time and customer account

– Public and private parking management

Fully automatic parking automatic centralized solution for multi-site, multi-parking area, available 24/7 throughout the week. As we know, based on license plate recognition, therefore, very easy to use.


– Security for public parks, car parks, banks, railway stations, administration, etc.

– Access control for hotels, clubs, camping, etc.

– Access control for industrial suppliers and logistics

– automatic invoice

Automated parking management system can also be integrated with a parking management software that can manage:

– Plan of the site

– a user’s files to date

– Inspection plan / user

– The number of available parking spaces per zone

– Reports and output

– management of parking time / cost

– The possibility of a shared parking

In this system, a large parking site can be managed by interconnecting several individual sites. All access points are managed centrally and then from a centralized server. An automatic parking system comprises a rack and feeder parking at least one car wash. Parking rack is divided into several parking spaces. Self-lifting feeder has a pair of comb-shaped wings to bring the car to a pair of comb platform, which is made in each parking space in the parking lot. Automatic parking management can quickly read error-free alternative; not duplicable traditional security means the site. With a variety of factors so that the transponder can be mounted on or in a vehicle, people can enter the security area without opening doors or windows for authorization. automated parking management system that can accommodate more cars in less space. This formula can be applied to almost any city in the world. This is probably the main reason why the automatic parking system is a very attractive alternative to conventional parking system, uses space efficiently without you ending up with hefty parking payment.