Things That You Shouldn’t Store in Your Storage Unit

Storage units can accommodate almost all things that is up for storage. Almost.

Although some furniture storage in dubai are open to accept whatever the storage unit renters try to put on their facilities, there are some things that are not allowed and prohibited no matter how much the renters insist.

Read on to know what items are prohibited and why

  • Perishables

Perishables like food (animal and human food) should not and never be stored in any storage facilities and for good reasons. These perishables will rot and decomposed inside the storage unit and would attract pests and other insects. If not prevented, it might cause infestation in the whole facility.

Some storage facilities allowed canned goods for storage, but just for limited time. These canned goods will also rot once they passed their expiration date. If you want to store perishables, there are cold storage facilities that allow and accommodate such type of produce.


  • Pets and animals

No storage space or facility would allow storage of live animals and pets inside the unit. It is because there is minimal oxygen in the space and it might cause the death of your pets. And the environment is not suited for animal care. Usually, the facilities are dark and isolated. If you leave your pet in the storage unit, it might cause some damage to their psyche. It would be best to leave your pet to an animal shelter where it can be well taken care of.


Also, same with plants. With minimal oxygen and no direct exposure to sunlight, the plants will just wither inside the facility.


  • Hazardous chemicals

Hazardous chemicals are broad and come in different categories. But in terms of storage, hazardous chemicals refers to anything that can be cause damaged to a property or a storage unit. One that falls in this category is combustible chemicals and materials. Although the temperature in a storage facility is controlled, heat and hot weather can still bring some changes inside the unit and might cause some reaction to the combustible chemicals inside.


  • High value items

Security and safety is one of the things that most storage facilities promote, but it doesn’t mean that you have to put your high value items on the facility. It would be best to store high value items like pieces of jewelry on a safer storage like your house vault where you can check on these items regularly.