Most Common Swimming Pool Types and Styles

Are you curious about the different types and styles of swimming pools? Here are some of them as per some of the top swimming pool companies in Dubai.


Family Pool

Also known as residential pool, a family pool is usually found at the backyard of a home. It is often oval-shaped and is smaller than the other types of pools because of space limitations. The designs of family pools vary depending on the homeowner – many are simple and minimalist while some are highly unique and creative.


Infinity Pool

One of the most expensive types of a swimming pool is the infinity pool. It seems endless in size because it is usually installed outdoors, in an area that would highlight an astounding view. Its edges are made in a way that would disappear because of the overflowing water. It’s like a big waterfall or Jacuzzi. Infinity pools are a trend on five-star hotels, resorts, executive villages, and residential condominiums.


Lap Pool

Some people thought that infinity pools and lap pools are the same but they are different in many ways. A lap pool is designed for those who would like to swim for health and fitness reasons – hence the name “lap.” They can be used both indoors and outdoors, whether in a home or a hotel. Lap pools are often lengthy yet narrow, more or less 50 feet long.


Olympic-Sized Pool

Used for training and practices of professional swimmers, Olympic-sized pools are also used for world-wide swimming competitions. An Olympic-sized pool usually comes in two sizes: 50 meters (164.0 ft) long for “long course” games and 25 meters (82.0 ft) in length for “short course” competitions.


Kiddie Pool

As its name suggests, a kiddie pool is designed for children. Its usual depth is only two feet and below. Kiddie pools have child-friendly materials to prevent accidents. Sometimes, they also come with slides and colorful characters. Most resorts and hotels that have infinity pools also have kiddie pools for the children of their guests.



A portmanteau of spa and pool, a spool is like a Jacuzzi. It is way smaller than a typical pool because it is designed for relaxation purposes. In hotels, spools are filled with either hot or lukewarm water. If you want a more economical water feature in your home, go for a spool.

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