Fujairah as your future business destination

The United Arab Emirates is set to host the World Expo in 2020, which has turned the country into hot cake in the past few years, both for tourists and for international business and companies. Thousands of companies have entered the Emirates with the plan to cement their business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Ajman, and other states in the past many years, which has put the UAE at the center-stage of the regional trading activities. All this massive business activity has made states like Dubai and Abu Dhabi far more expensive to set up a company and stay competitive in the markets which is overwhelmed by the top international brands. In such a scenario, the Fujairah free zone company registration comes to the fore as the ultimate solution for the new start-ups and new entrants in the world of business in the UAE.

Just like any other free zone located in the United Arab Emirates, the Fujairah Free Zone also offers its investors a multitude of advantages, which can’t be ignored by the companies which are planning to set up their business wings in the UAE to tap regional markets like Africa, Australasia, Europe, and Central Asian States.

  1. Fujairah Free Zone is located quite close to the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai and is not far away from the port of Fujairah and Fujairah International Airport. The Fujairah International Airport is the one and only airport on the east coast of the UAE. This strategic location allows the companies which are based in Fujairah Free Zone to access other regional trade hubs like India, Pakistan, Iran, besides dealing with all the gulf region ports.
  2. While Dubai and Abu Dhabi have become expensive and overly competitive for the new entrants, the Fujairah Free Zone is a cheaper option to be part of the UAE economy.
  3. The local authorities allow the new companies to start their operations in a very short time.
  4. The local authorities have also made it quick and easy to acquire licenses. In many cases, they took only one working day to generate a license for the company’s favored business activity.
  5. All the companies based in Fujairah Free Zone are allowed to repatriate their full profit and capital.
  6. The companies which are interested in tourism, shipping, and agriculture fields can find a great base in Fujairah Free Zone.
  7. Since Fujairah largely consists of mountainous region, the investment in geological projects such as mining, rock and minerals, and oils can be feasible here.

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