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APPALLING News About Football Star Found DEAD – NFL Desperate To Hide Who Killed Him



The worst season in NFL history just came to an end Sunday night with Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota. The league didn’t just commence on low ratings for what’s supposed to be the most watched television event of the year, it ended in tragedy with the sudden, horrific death of a top linebacker in the league. While the Super Bowl winners are celebrating their victory, the NFL is desperate to hide who killed this pro-football star and now we know why.

This season hasn’t just been a season of massive fan and ratings loss, the NFL has also suffered from an overwhelming number deaths and incarcerations of past and current football stars. We’ve reported of several players who have either died in a car accident unexpectedly or who were put into prison for stabbing their wife to death, and that was apparently just the start. Now the final player of the season was just found dead and how he was killed isn’t something the league wants out. After spending an entire season disrespecting President Donald Trump and all he stands for, the Colts’ linebacker’s death just proved how wrong they were and that Trump was right all along.

The morning of the Super Bowl on Sunday, word got out that Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson had tragically lost his life overnight. It was difficult news for the league to swallow and cast a somber mood over the big game day. As the Super Bowl stadium filled with fans and the teams took the field, investigators worked to uncover what happened that led to Jackson’s untimely death. As it turns out, one of Trump’s biggest and most controversial policies that many in the NFL protested, would have prevented the death of one of their own.

The Washington Times reports:

The man accused of killing an NFL player and another man in a DUI-related crash Sunday morning is a Mexican immigrant whom authorities are trying to deport, according to charging documents.

Police say 37-year-old Alex Cabrera Gonsales drove a black Ford F-150 pickup truck onto the emergency shoulder along Interstate 70 around 4 a.m. Sunday, plowed into a ride-share vehicle, and killed Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson and 54-year-old Jeffrey Monroe of Avon.

Booking documents from the Marion County Jail, which can be searched for at and found at case number 1804804, show that Mr. Cabrera Gonsales is an immigrant from Mexico who is subject to deportation.

Mr. Cabrera Gonsales didn’t have a driver’s license, tried to flee the scene of the accident and had a blood-alcohol level of at least .15 (nearly twice the legal limit), authorities said.

The booking document, which specifies that Mr. Cabrera Gonsales has a detainer request on him, does not say whether was in the U.S. illegally or as a legal permanent resident who can still be deported for a serious crime.

Mr. Cabrera Gonsales didn’t have a driver’s license, tried to flee the scene of the accident and had a blood-alcohol level of at least .15 (nearly twice the legal limit), authorities said.

The booking document, which specifies that Mr. Cabrera Gonsales has a detainer request on him, does not say whether was in the U.S. illegally or as a legal permanent resident who can still be deported for a serious crime.

“It is believed Gonsales was intoxicated and was driving without a license,” Sgt. John Perrine of the Indiana State Police said in a statement. “He was transported to the Marion County Jail, the result of the test for intoxication is pending.”

It’s unfortunate that tragedies like this prove Trump to be right and even worse that liberals will continue to rebuke him and work against him in protecting our borders. Countless people have been killed this year by illegal aliens who would be alive today if Trump’s immigration plan and border control was in full effect without Democrats constantly intervening.

People, including those in the NFL, seem more hellbent on sticking it to Trump rather than realizing what’s really good from them individually and our country. The league failed this season since disrespectful acts were allowed to continue week after week and when the President kindly asked them to show respect for our flag and those who fought to defend it, that only made the players step up their protesting game. It was a clear show of defiance against the Commander-in-Chief and it backfired on them big time.

The future of he NFL might be dead with this last detrimental season and it didn’t have to be. Hopefully, in the off season, these players and the league leaders take a look at what they did that destroyed it and come back in the next season without the politics and with resepect for our preseident. It’s their only chance to make the NFL great again, if it’s not too late.


Trump Just Found Out What 3 Astros Champs Did At WH Visit, Responds With Something Better!

He responded with something more epic than expected.



Champion teams gathering at the White House is a tradition in many sports. It allows the organizations to meet the President, and the President to meet the teams. It’s a symbolic gathering of unity and a tradition that brings the team together for an offseason event that places them in limelight that only champions are granted access to. President Trump recently met with the World Champion Houston Astros, the winners of the World Series in 2017, and something was missing from the day. Trump may not have noticed at first, but when he did, he then responded with something much more epic than expected.

As Trump and the World Champion Houston Astros gathered together and spent a bit of time chatting and hanging out, Trump possibly noticed that three players were missing. Before anyone makes conspiracies about the players skipping the event for political reasons, we must temper ourselves and first find out why three players skipped meeting the President. If it turns out that some players were unable to go for a serious reason or something that was stopping them from attending, then that probably shouldn’t be held against them. If you research the reason that a Houston Astro skipped the White House trip and learned that the player just does not like Trump, then you can hold it against them for ditching their team, disrespecting the other players, the President, and placing their personal opinion over their team and world leader.

The three players who skipped the White House trip are shortstop Carlos Correa, retired outfielder Carlos Beltran, and relief pitcher Ken Giles. The website Just Jared was able to provide more information about why each player skipped the trip. After discussing that, you’ll then see the response that President Trump had waiting for the players who refused to show up with the rest of their team.

It’s reported that Carlos Correa was honored to be invited. However, instead of going to the White House, he traveled to Puerto Rico to help people in their rebuilding process. Puerto Rico is still heavily damaged after suffering through significant hurricanes last season. Correa claims it was not politics. He also thanked President Trump for all the help that was provided to his “second hometown” in Houston, as well as Puerto Rico. Many people would consider this an acceptable reason to skip the White House visit. Correa went somewhere to help people and be as productive as possible. He’s a rich athlete giving back to the people who need help the most. That’s commendable and highly respectable.

Correa was quoted on Just Jared as saying:”It was not politics or anything. It was just that the day off was perfect to be able to provide some help for the people in Puerto Rico in need,” he told the Washington Post. “I don’t only represent the Houston Astros, I don’t only represent my family, but I also represent the American citizens that are living in Puerto Rico. It’s an honor to be invited to the White House. I want to thank the president for all the help he provided to my second hometown, which is Houston, and some of the help he’s provided to Puerto Rico, but we’re still in need in Puerto Rico.”

The next player to skip the White House trip is Carlos Beltran. His reason is that he was going to stay in NYC with his family. He sounds like he just didn’t want to go. This is an unacceptable excuse to skip a team event. Even though he retired, if he was part of the team that won the World Series, then it makes sense for him to respect his former team and be there for an event with the guys. It’s disrespectful for him to skip the trip “just because” he doesn’t feel like going. There are just some things that millionaire athletes need to do, and this is one of them. Beltran showed his distaste for Trump, his former team, and the American people in general who were fans of his, but might not be after this.

The third player to skip the White House trip is Ken Giles. He used the “family reasons” excuse. People who use this generic excuse say this when they do not want to go somewhere, call out of work, or just have no better explanation. This is a widely used excuse for people who are typically too lazy to think of a witty reason to get out of attending something. Ken Giles was very disrespectful in this nature. Even the slightest detail added to his excuse could’ve been an excellent way to get out of attendance. Many people would be doubtful of his loyalty to his team and country.

President Trump responded by not paying any attention to the people who skipped the White House trip. His response to the missing players was NO response. They got nothing from the President. It’s a shame Correa missed the day, as he would’ve enjoyed hearing the compliments about how they handled the hurricane damage. The players who skipped the trip received zero attention.

President Trump’s remarks included many respects for the players on the Houston Astros. It’s a shame that some people weren’t there to see how nice, thankful, and complimentary that Trump was to the players.

As per the White House website, Trump’s remarks to the team included: “And I want to thank every member of the Astros team who spent time with those displaced in shelters. You held food and supply drives all over Texas and beyond, and gave millions and millions of dollars of your salaries. I know you’re doing pretty damn well. You’re going to be doing even better now. Boy, would I like to be — can I be your agent? (Laughter.) I want to be your agent. Look at Jim. He doesn’t find that funny at all. (Laughter.)

When Maria ravaged Puerto Rico weeks later, the Houston Astros redoubled their assistance, and many of them went there and helped. Really great.

Our administration will continue to stand by the people of Texas and Florida and Puerto Rico, Louisiana, even Alabama and so many other places were affected — and we’re standing by all of them.

Texas was incredible, the way they recovered. You had a devastating, devastating hurricane. It kept going — I’ve never seen anything like it. It went in, and you thought it was gone, and it came out and got more water. In, out, in, out — three times. There’s never been anything like it that we’ve seen. From the standpoint of water, not even close. There has never been anything so bad.

And, yet, you recovered so incredibly well. I was there. I was there very shortly after. And some of the streets, it was six feet high in water. You could hardly notice that they were affected. In one case, a man was actually cutting his lawn. I said, “The lawn is pretty wet, isn’t it?” (Laughter.) But he wanted to cut it anyway.

Oh, look who we have: Louie Gohmert. Louie. Boy, I’ll tell you, what a good congressman. What a great job. Thank you, Louie. Thank you for being here.

The Astros’ victory for the ages was indeed a team effort. And that is true. Everyone contributed, everyone made critical plays, everybody helped deliver the championship. Very few errors on that team.”

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Trump Got Revenge On Hateful Athletes With HUGE Pic He Put Up For Their Visit – They HATE It!



The White House is filled with historical pieces and artifacts that represent our nation’s history, but perhaps none are so controversial as what President Donald Trump just donned the walls of the West Wing with today. Among the painted pieces of notable figures in our nation’s history, is a new framed piece of work that comes with a clear message that cannot be ignored. Now, idiots everywhere are infuriated about what our leader had the guts to put up that we’re pretty sure his supporters are going to love.

It’s a customary honor afforded to professional athletes who have won a championship, to be invited to the White House for a personal visit with the president. While this offer has been used recently against the president by disrespectful players who grandstand his invitation with insults, the Houston Astros decided to go. This seemed like a positive move until it was seen what the MVP of the team did behind Trump’s back, perhaps because he didn’t like the president or what he put on full display before their arrival.

The First Family is getting comfortable in their new home, just as the Obamas did in their disrespectful way that nobody seemed to have a problem with. When Trump moved in and began putting his personal touch on the People’s House, all hell broke loose with accusations of tactless taste that his predecessor never got when hosting rappers and their wives. Whether people agree or disagree with what our President just put on the walls, he had the right to celebrate his victory in the way he chose to decorate.

The White House isn’t just a place where the president lives, it’s a monument that represents milestones in leadership throughout our nation’s history. Perhaps not a single leader has been so controversial as our current Commander-in-Chief who overcame all odds to call this place home. Because of that, he has every right to document this incredible feat with a framed piece that shows exactly how that happened – which is athletic detractors certainly don’t want to see.

The media tried to portray that Trump’s opposition, Hillary Clinton, had a huge lead in the presidential race. However, one picture proved that wrong, which has now become the West Wing’s latest and perhaps most extraordinary piece of artwork.

Trump didn’t become president by a mere margin — he won by a landslide of votes where it counted most. The Electoral College is the deciding vote and the now infamous image of which way each area of every state went has become its own modern art on display in the White House, and for good reason.

Trey Yingst was among the first to spot this new display and seemingly without realizing the can of controversy he was opening with this Tweeted picture of it, he simply stated, ” Spotted: a map to be hung somewhere in the West Wing.” The image of the Electoral College Map from the election Trump swept in 2016 accompanied his sentiment and infuriated idiots around the country who couldn’t fathom why Trump would display such a thing.

It’s unknown at what point these Democratic degenerates forgot who they were talking about — thinking that somehow it was out of character for Trump to gloat. When it’s his right to do so by having earned it through honest means and against all odds, he should display that victory since it sends a message about what America is all about. Trump was truthful in his lead and the media was not, however, this is photo proof of that bias and that the American dream can be accomplished despite any adversary against you, and needs to be displayed for that reason.

Perhaps the most humorous part of the outrage over this imagery in the West Wing is that the same people who publicly express how tasteless and gross it is, in their opinion, were in support of a wife using the desk her husband received disgusting sexual favors at during his time in office. I think what it comes down to is that the truth hurts and no matter how much some people in America hate Trump, they can’t deny that he legitimately painted the country red in approval of him.

Athletes who actually came to the Oval Office after their win, even if with the only purpose was to show him disrespect to his face with dirty looks, are reminded that no matter how popular they think they are, Trump has them beat by a landslide. There’s no denying that the mass majority of the country approves of him, as proven in this image. Those are the people who also boycott athletes and other celebrities who abuse their public status to trash the man they proudly voted for.

It’s often said that “a picture says a thousand words” but this one speaks volumes beyond that. Trump beat supposed frontrunner Hillary Clinton by far more than a thousand Electoral College votes. This wasn’t just a victory for him, but for the American people who were heard and deserve to have the piece of our country’s history commemorated on the wall of the White House. Every little girl and boy in America with a dream to make a difference and become president one day can do that, just like Trump did as a non-career politician. That’s significant and part of what makes America great.

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Enraged Woman Stops Cocky NFL Players Outside Practice – Next Season Just Came To SCREECHING HALT!

This woman goes OFF!!! WOW!!!!



It’s been almost two months since the NFL season ended but the national anthem disrespect from ball tossers hasn’t been forgotten.

Two twitter posts published by two separate Seattle Seahawks ball tossers this week show a woman giving cornerbacks Neiko Thorpe and Mike Tyson a piece of her mind right outside the teams practice facility.

And what she said to them was epic:

“You can’t stand up and be a man, on your little f—ing knees and not represent the country’s flag that made you what you are.”

Now if you notice these two characters arrogantly make fun of the woman for telling them she pays taxes so they can play.

Of course, these two are so ignorant they have no idea this is a truth. Every time a new stadium is proposed the talking points begin in order to get a portion of the funds from already heavily overburdened taxpayers. They push the narrative that a professional Football team brings in revenues and lowers the crime in a city. Meanwhile, Cincinnati, Nashville, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C., Indianapolis, Oakland, Cleaveland, Baltimore, and Detroit all have football teams while at the same time being on the list of American’s 100 most dangerous cities.

Via The Seattle Times:

“Maybe they should change the name to the Suburban Seahawks.

The apparent narrow victory of Referendum 48, which would build a new stadium for the Seattle Seahawks, may owe its success to voters in the suburban areas of King and Snohomish counties.

The stadium measure was very unpopular in Eastern Washington.

But it also won only a narrow victory in the city of Seattle and actually was defeated in two of the city’s most-liberal areas: the 36th Legislative District of Queen Anne and Magnolia, and the 43rd District (Capitol Hill and the University District).

It won more than 60 percent of the vote in Snohomish County and in areas around Bellevue, Redmond and Issaquah.

The count as of today had the $425 million project maintaining a lead with 50.8 percent of the vote.

More than 100,000 absentees and mail-in ballots – about 8 percent of the total vote – are yet to be counted statewide. But state election officials say they doubt a change in the outcome, because two-thirds of the outstanding votes lie in King and Snohomish counties, where support for the stadium was running strong.

Among the 28,000 absentees tallied late yesterday in King County, 57 percent supported the stadium.

Although the final outcome was a victory, the vote in King County was similar to the 1995 baseball-stadium election, which also was more popular in the suburbs.

“This was not the traditional kind of tax issue, which the city (of Seattle) tends to support,” said Bob Gogerty, chief campaign strategist.

“It was a philosophical fight . . . where are your priorities. The city,” said Gogerty, “is much, much more liberal.”

Gogerty argues that there is an anti-Seattle sentiment that colored the election in other parts of the state, but that within the city precincts, the “no” vote was more of a protest about how the money would be spent – on sports facilities rather than transit, schools or potholes.

Almost immediately yesterday, the county government began the steps to turn over the Kingdome to a new Public Stadium Authority, and with it, the $130 million in debt that had affected county finances.

The Metropolitan King County Council budget committee yesterday approved a letter assuring Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen of the county’s full cooperation as he prepares to purchase the team.

Under the referendum, $300 million in public money would be spent on a new stadium, exhibition hall and parking facility.

Allen is expected to pay $200 million for the team. He also will contribute $100 million from his own pocket and other private sources for the stadium project.

Locke to choose board members

The County Council is expected in the next month to create a seven-member Public Stadium Authority to oversee the project. Its board members will be chosen by Gov. Gary Locke. They are expected to contract with Allen’s group, Football Northwest, to build and operate the stadium and exhibition hall.

Bud Coffey, a former Boeing executive who lobbied the stadium issue through the Legislature, said Football Northwest plans to send a list of potential appointees to Locke.

The County Council also must authorize an extension of the current 2 percent tax on hotel rooms until 2020 and establish a tax on stadium tickets and parking.

Although the campaign for Referendum 48 was based on tearing down the Kingdome for a new stadium, it will be up to the new stadium authority to officially select a site.

The project must go through an environmental-impact statement, state environmental procedures and city permit processes.

Timing tied to Mariner stadium

Work could begin on the exhibition hall in about a year, said Pat Steel, the county’s budget director.

The Kingdome wouldn’t be torn down until a new stadium is ready for the Mariners, mid-1999 or early 2000. The Seahawks plan to play the 1997, ’98, and ’99 seasons in the Dome, and the following two seasons in Husky Stadium. The earliest a new stadium would be ready is in 2002.

However, the county and Football Northwest still face negotiations over a number of fine points. For example, the county would like to be compensated for loss of parking-lot revenue during construction.”

Neiko Thorpe
Mike Tyson

What is really sad is that on top of being disrespectful to the woman, these players don’t even know who dishes out the money for those lavish multi-billion dollar state of the art stadiums they play in. Not to mention also their training facilities.

City officials from Henderson Nevada which is located just 20 miles from the Las Vegas Strip recently decided, on their own, to sell a large plot of land at a heavily discounted rate to the soon to be Las Vegas Raiders so they can use as a training facility. A facility which will bring absolutely nothing worthwhile to the city. But if a private citizen is ever lucky enough to buy land from the city, they will be paying a pretty penny for it.

So yes spoiled ball tossers, you owe a lot to this great nation’s generosity and it’s high time you all start showing some respect!

H/T Conservative Tribune

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